Lipotropes LIver Flush 100ml for Horses

Lipotropes LIver Flush 100ml for Horses
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Price: $99.95
Product ID : Lipotropes LIver Flush 100ml for Horses
Manufacturer: HorsePreRace
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LipoHep 100mL Heptenal

DESCRIPTION- LipoHep Injection (Compare to the active ingredients of Nature Vet Heptenal) is an Amino acid, DADA and glucose complex to support appetite and liver and muscle function.

COMPOSITION- Each mL contains: Di-isopropylamine dichloroacetate (DADA) 20 mg Arginine hydrochloride 100 mg Lysine hydrochloride 50 mg Glucose 100 mg

ACTIONS- Amino Acid, DADA, Glucose Complex for Race Horses

INDICATIONS- DADA, the so-called Vitamin B15, has strong lipotrophic action, supports liver function, and reduces serum cholesterol. By its vasodilating action, DADA also enhances peripheral muscle blood perfusion. L-Arginine has been effective in detoxification of blood ammonia, in the improvement of blood cell production, and the promotion of wound healing. It is one of the essential amino acids for growth in young animals. Arginine infusions are used to correct alkalosis in liver disease. L-Lysine is effective in controlling Herpes simplex virus in humans, and may be valuable in prophylaxis in outbreaks of stable virus infections. LipoHep Injection (Compare to the active ingredients of Nature Vet Heptenal) is indicated to stimulate hepatic function and appetite in the face of the physical stress of training, racing, convalescence, stimulation of recovery after viral illness or surgery, and as an adjunct to treatment of intoxication by heavy metals, nitrites and organophosphates.

FORM- Sterile for injection

CATEGORY- Condition and Weight

FOR- Horses, Greyhounds, Dogs, Camels

DOSEAGE & ADMINISTRATION - Adult Horse: 25 mL Yearlings: 15 mL Foals: 5 - 10 mL Give by intramuscular injection twice weekly, or as directed by a veterinary surgeon.

PRESENTATION - 100 mL sterile multi-dose glass vial.

STORAGE - Store below 25o C (air conditioning). Protect from light.

AVAILABILTY - For General SaleAPVMA Approval Number 51243

NOTES- This product can be used with any other Vitamin or supplement from HorsePreRace. This product is best used the day before and the day of event. This product compares to Nature Vet Heptenal in that both have the same ingredients. This product is not manufactured or distributed by Nature Vet who is the sole distributor of Heptenal

WARNINGS - Export Slaughter Interval (Horses): Nil

For use as a supplemental source of Vitamins & Amino Acids in horses, cattle, sheep, swine camels, alpacas, and pigeons.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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