Polyglycan veterinary vet pet animal

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Polyglycan veterinary vet pet animal

What is Pentosan Platinum? Pentosan Platinum contains the naturally occurring components of synovia that play a central role in maintaining the homeostatic environment of the joint.

Who is it for? Horses, Dogs, Greyhounds, Camels

Why use it? Pentosan Platinum is a formulation designed to replace synovial fluid lost during surgery and also as weekly IM injection to help with joint detioration from the stress of competition.

How it works? Glucosaminoglycans are important components of all extracellular tissue structures including cartilage and synovial fluid. The active components in Pentosan Platinum exhibit viscoelastic and polyionic properties similar in nature to synovial fluid.

Active ingredient(s): Pentosan 183mg/ml, Glucosamine 83mg/ml, Hyalronic Acid 3mg/ml

How is it sold? 18mL  Sterile glass vial

INDICATIONS- Non-infectious inflammatory joint disease, traumatic arthritis, degenerative cartilaginous joint disease, osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis dessicans in horses.

FORM- Sterile for injection

CATEGORY- Joint Supplements / Pain

What are the side effects? No known side effects

What to do if overdose? Contact your nearest emergency animal hospital.

How Can I store it? Store in a cool, dry place. Do not freeze.

DOSEAGE & ADMINISTRATION - Administer at a dose rate of 3 mg/kg bodyweight (1.5 g / 500 kg horse), by I.V use, at 5 - 7 day intervals for four doses. Pentosan Platinum is equally effective when given by I.V. or intra-articular injection. If intra-articular use is required, administer 1mL by sterile intra-articular injection. Pentosan Platinum has an affinity for cartilage, and active drug levels will accumulate for several days after administration. For maximum effect, tissues should be exposed to the drug over an extended period, hence the four injections. A period of improvement for up to 6 months following a course of four injections uses may be expected. If at any time during this period the horse becomes sore (e.g. following a particular activity), it is safe to administer a further injection to settle any inflammatory process. 

Helpful Tips: This composition of supplements is very similar to Legend, Adequan and Polyglycan, plus Glucosamine

For use as a supplemental source of Vitamins & Amino Acids in horses, cattle, sheep, swine camels, alpacas, and pigeons.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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