Synedem Injection for Equines

Synedem Injection for Equines
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Synedem Injection 30ml


Anti-edematose, diuretic, anti-inflammatory.
(Injectable solution of Fursemida and Dexametasone)

Anti-edematose, diuretic, anti-inflammatory. Combination of Fursemida (diuretic, saluretic) with Dexametasone (anti-inflammatory corticoid) which allows a fast and effective remission of edema and inflammation.

Formula: Every 100 ml it contains:

Fursemida (acid 4 chlorine-N-(-2 Furimetil)
-5 sulfamilantranilic)
5 g
Dexametasone (21 phosphate of dexametasone) 0.2 g
Formulation agents e.q.

In all species: Pulmonary edema, pulmonary congestion, ascites, renal edema, pregnancy edema, cardiac edema, hepatic edema. Due to its diuretic and anti-inflammatory action, Synedem is indicated in intoxications of diverse origin (food alimentary, stimulating drugs, intestinal or myogenic autointoxications, etc.)

  • Horses: Pre and post parturition udder edemas. Prepucial edemas. Wound edemas. Ophidian or insect bites, etc.

Intramuscular or intravenous injection, slowly.

Large animals: 10-25 ml per day according to professional opinion.
Small animals: 0.25-0.5 ml per day, according to professional opinion.
In pre and post parturition udder edemas generally one single application is enought. In other edemas the dose may be doubled every 12 or 24 hrs. according to the seriousness of the affection and the patient response. In case of adverse reaction to the medicine, administration must be suspended or the dose reduced. In violent and prolonged treatments, the electrolytic balance has to be checked. Sodium, potassium, chloride).

Glomerulonephritis (acute) or acute renal insufficiency. Hepatic cirrhosis (serious). Active Tuberculosis. Systemic fungic infections. Virus infections.

Use restrictions:
During treatment and 48 after it the treated animals must not be slaughtered nor their milk consumed or industrialized.

1 - 30ml bottle

  • Cattle: Udder edemas, cachectic edemas. Parasitary edemas, etc.
  • Pigs: Edemas in inflamed castration wounds, etc.
  • Dogs: Cerebral edemas, pulmonary and bronchial edema, Hydrothorax, ascitis, etc.

For use as a supplemental source of Vitamins & Amino Acids in horses, cattle, sheep, swine camels, alpacas, and pigeons.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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